What's Up Doc?

Connect with Raymond via the message box below. Then, choose your session. 

In-person consults available for wedding and event photography.

 Students get 25% off with a school email

Portrait Session | $100

My most popular offer

Up to 90 minutes of exploring. Variations include engagements, senior portraits, and more.

Extended Session | $175

For the vainest of the vain

Up to 3 hours of me telling you how good you look (we get it, you're hot). Multiple outfits encouraged.

The Headshot | $50

Do it for the LinkedIn

A must for students, professionals, and all aspiring thespians. Please bring your own head.

Blemish Removal | Free

Who needs Proactiv?

Raymond Tjhia, MD/PhD: dermatologist and doctor of photoshop . 

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