(It's pronounced Chia)

Hi. My name is Raymond and I'm a photo-holic.

I fell in love with photography while shooting my final soccer season. Beyond the action, I enjoyed capturing and was captured by the intense highs and heartbreaks of the sport. Through our roller-coaster year, my teammates unveiled raw character and emotion rarely seen off the field. I learned that there's so much more to a photo than camera settings and equipment.

To this day, I'm inspired by the amazing range of character in each of my clients.

I specialize in portrait, headshot, and event photography; I'm based in the Rice University area of Houston, Texas. I love working with students, families, professionals, and anyone who wants to capture real, candid looks. My goal is to capture your unique personality with every frame.

When I'm not working with clients, I love exploring with my camera. Check out some of my adventures in the World section.

Connect with me for photoshoot info, questions, or advice on your next Spotify playlist (up to you).




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